As an editor of Haute-couture fabrics with an international presence, MISIA is concerned about sustainable development and its share of responsibility in the textile industry.

MISIA takes this role to heart, integrating in the creation of its new collections, a sustainable value chain, especially through its commercial relationships and its collaboration with eco-responsible suppliers and partners.

In this respect, MISIA is attentive to each step of its production cycle. The brand regularly develops and selects alternative raw materials, such as organically grown fibres or recycled materials, and integrates ecological production processes, such as natural dyeing, and the cultivation and weaving of MASTER OF LINEN certified linen.

Made from cotton jersey t-shirt scraps, the heavy cotton yard selected by MISIA  for Golfo Paradiso” and Terre des Artistes” upcycles the fabric remnants from the fashion industry. These residuals cotton fibres are collected, sorted by colour, shredded and spun into a new yarn, using a completely dry, eco-friendly manufacturing process, with no water or dyeing involved.


"Golfo Paradiso"

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"Terre des Artistes"

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