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The Palazzo Farnese : A new prestigious showcase for MISIA fabrics

While MISIA builds a bridge between the City of Light and the Eternal City with its new “Paris-Rome” collection, The Palazzo Farnese is one of those exceptional location that embodies this historical relationship between these two majestic cities


Passionate about the history and culture of the most magnificent monuments, MISIA has taken on the rôle of patron for The Palazzo Farnese, establishing a collaboration that reflects its deepest values and aspirations. Within this magnificent building with exceptional architecture MISIA imagined the somptuous staging of its new “Paris-Rome” collection.

Located in the historic center of Rome, this High Renaissance palace also owes its renown to the Farnese collection, which has been treasured by the family for many generations. Considered as being one of the 4 wonders of Rome, it is one of the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance. The most influential artists and architects worked on its design and construction : Antonio da Sangollo, Michelangelo, Jacopo Barozzi, Giacomo della Porta, Daniele da Volterra, Francesco Salviati, the Zuccari brothers and the Carracci brothers…


In the superb gallery containing monumental frescos by Agostino and Annibale Carracci, in the majestic Murano gallery with its immense glass chandeliers, in the light-filled loggia behind the Tiber and all around the many antique sculptures inherited by the Farnese family… the opulent MISIA fabrics complement each element of this stunning environment, sharing the same exquisite and refined style.


The shimmering cushions echo the shine of the golden moldings, the MISIA shades meticulously selected for the armchairs, banquettes and curtains to work in harmony with the legendary pigments of the Carracci paintings.

MISIA has set its heart on bringing together the finest and most sophisticated Italian fabrics for the “Paris-Rome” collection. A striking convergence of the cities, eras and arts.





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