HomeBlogA play of curves and colours, Fabrice Juan and MISIA collaborate on the interior designer's first Villa in Cap Ferret.
A play of curves and colours, Fabrice Juan and MISIA collaborate on the interior designer's first Villa in Cap Ferret.

Fabrice Juan, interior designer with a passion for French refinement, unveils his latest sunny project in collaboration with MISIA fabrics.


After working alongside the architect Jean-Louis Deniot and setting up his own agency in 2011, Fabrice Juan stood out with his Parisian projects before taking on the big challenge of restoring a modernist holiday home on the Bay of Arcachon, his first project outside the French capital.





Built in the 1970s in concrete with a cantilevered structure, the villa represents a real technical and aesthetic achievement. From the curved entrance, visitors are greeted by an enchanting view of Arcachon Bay through the large windows.





In the main living room, the harmony of colours brings a vibrant energy to the space. The Nymphe sofa by Fabrice Juan editions, draped in olive-green Edgar wool satin, evokes the tranquillity of the surrounding maritime pines and adds a touch of nature to the interior. Two original coffee tables upholstered in Le Grand Rift jacquard velvet in an elegant alabaster colour, play with curves and lines to create an atmosphere of sophistication and balance.





A second sofa, created with the Volutes au vent fabric, offers an idyllic haven of peace overlooking the majestic bay. Its soft texture and subtle tones blend perfectly with the natural surroundings, inviting guests to relax and contemplate.





The various delicate reliefs lend a welcoming warmth to the space, where the curved lines of the furniture and architecture harmonise with the curly textures of fabrics such as L'Heure De La Sieste, Eldorado and Allure.

This villa abandons all traces of the initial rigour of its concrete architecture to embrace a comforting, enveloping atmosphere.





Each bedroom has been designed to offer a breathtaking view of the outside world from the bed. The cushions, adorned in turn with Le Train BleuAzur Cotonneux and Hors du Temps fabrics, capture the essence of the flora of the Bay of Arcachon, while bright touches such as the Terre d'Ombre yellow of the Pigment de Peinture jacquard velvet evoke the bright light of the south of France. The bed cushion covered in Azur Cotonneux fabric in the signature colour Bleu Misia adds depth and takes you to the open sea of the Bay of Gascogne.





This new design by Fabrice Juan in collaboration with MISIA is a perfect blend of the region's architectural history and contemporary luxury, giving the project a unique atmosphere imbued with French charm.



Photo credit - © Xavier Béjot



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