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French editor and designer of unique, prestigious, high-quality fabrics, Misia Paris reinterprets the freedom, glamour, and avant-garde style of the beginning of the twentieth century in an irrefutably modern way.  Each Misia Paris collection of furnishing fabrics and wallcovering is inspired by travels or an artistic meeting and provides an emotional and sensory interlude to all people of influence in the world of decoration.
Fine materials, exquisite, rare, harmonious weaves : uncut velvets, silk jacquards, bouclettes, outdoor fabrics, prints on linen, wool, linen voiles, texture, embroidery, silk velvet...So many fabrics in a shimmering colour palette.  The exclusive colours of Misia Paris are created to lift and amplify the most luxurious interiors

Prestigious, unique and quality fabrics

In keeping with production methods and the rules of French-style elegance, the brand’s approach is centred on research, diversity and confrontation, in order to suggest modern products and innovative techniques each year, in the field of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings.  The brand pays special attention to the origins of the materials and their production methods.  The fabrics, which mainly come from Europe, are selected with the greatest care. Its collections of exclusive fabrics bear witness to precious craftsmanship and the heritage of master-dyers

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