M124 – Montparnos

« Montparnos » (meaning « the people from Montparnasse ») is a faux fur fabric with a long, dense pile and a composition that creates sheen and bounce. As you caress it with your hand another hidden colour is revealed.

M126 – La Valse du Crocodile

« La Valse Crocodile » is a viscose and cotton velvet on which a lamination was used to create this reptilian, crocodile skin effect. Its chromatic sheen is achieved by an iridescent color film. This collection of techniques bestows an incredible depth and richness of tone, to its three colorways of champagne, graphite and midnight.

M127 – Frivole

The oldest and most traditional method of dyeing in the world has been used on the ‘Frivole’ voile, to obtain this totally natural, artisanal pigmentation, over all six available shades. Made in Italy, its linen warp intersects with a polyester weft, to obtain this fluted satin finish, that is at once matt and sheen.

M128 – Le grand rift

The ribbed cut Velvet Jacquard « The Great Rift » has a cracked pattern echoing the burned lands of the great African Rift. Its very tightly woven weft, like silk carpets from India, has two subtly contrasting bi-colored yarns, to give even more depth to the pattern. In thickness, its weft of plain viscose confers a natural iridescence and a soft satin touch. For intensive use, it will be ideal for upholstering your seats.

M129 – Swahili

The « Swahili » print design appears on this viscose velvet, by a metallic ink overprinting: it is outlined in relief by a subtle embossed silver border on the Beige and Graphite colors; and by a gold border on the Aubergine color. Viscose brings this satin effect, and the natural shine of the velvet.

M130 – Charleston

« Charleston » is a Jacquard silk on which a linen yarn, in the weft, draws sweeping movements, to create subtle matt and gloss effects.

M131 – Etoile du Jazz

« Etoile of Jazz » is a linen jacquard with a thick, dense weave. The cotton, woven in the warp, adds a hint of elasticity and softness. This fabric, in addition to the Moorish grey and alabaster colorways is available in two very luminous colorways: champagne and bronze.

M132 – Désir au dôme

« Désir au Dôme » was developed using a light and airy, plaited base, with a wool and acrylic blend, providing an incomparable downy feel.  A metal leaf that is available in three refined colorways, champagne, copper and Blue Misia, has been applied on the relief of the product, for an interesting metallic crossover.

M133 – Rythmes sans fin

By using the technique of digital printing it has been possible to reproduce, on this satin, the very vivid range of colors that you can see: A blend of coal, cream, suede tints and blue Misia.  Its subtly iridescent surface and its modern design makes this satin a highly refined fabric.  A single, unique and exclusive colorway.

M134 – Les songes de Stein

« Les Songes de Stein » is viscose velvet on which a lamination was used to create this reptilian pattern. Its iridescent shine is the work of a colored film deposited in the crevices of the pattern, after the passage of the cylinder, to impart an incredible richness of tones.

M135 – La garçonne

Made in England, the wool satin « La Garçonne » is produced from more than 92% spun lambswool. The nylon fiber provides a durable weave, and gives the fabric a good resistance. The effect on the hand is rare, both satiny and soft, and lends incredible refined quality to any interior.

M136 – L’île aux épices

« L’île aux épices » (or spice island) is a wool satin on which the technique of digital printing has been used to apply rich and joyful color ranges, carefully balanced to produce a harmony of shades. On its pre-bleached wool base, the colors breathe out even more deeply.

M137 – Parnasse

Stylized version of our famous viscose velvet « Au Mont des Muses » (2014 collection), the velvet jacquard « Parnasse » also has an incomparable pile density and a satin feel, with incredible lustre and softness. Available in a condensed range of eleven exclusive colorways, it has a small art deco pattern that lends refined elegance. Its high Martindale score makes it ideal for upholstering seats.

M138 – Enlacez-moi

« Enlacez-moi » is a silk Jacquard that gives the exceptional satin textured feel, and a mirrored surface.  A colored cotton yarn brings out the monochrome satin ribbons and creates the relief pattern.

M139 – Apollinaire

« Apollinaire » is a highly original velvet of ribbed viscose. Its two-tone pile gives an absolutely unique changing effect. Run your hand over it: in addition to its extremely soft satiny feel, you will reveal the second hidden color. Its high Martindale score makes it ideal for upholstering seats.

M140 – Pensée Masaï

The « Pensée Masaï » has an undulating, party-like movement; it is almost a dance.  Its dotted convolutions are enhanced by an acrylic yarn that retracts under the effect of heat, during weaving. By running from point to point, it strengthens the pattern’s undulating effect.  Finally, the matt and gloss contrasts of the cotton and silk yarns, add a sensual, textured feel.

 M141 – Belle amante

The world’s oldest and most traditional method of dyeing (Cold Dyed, see details at the end of Sales Strategy) was used on this «Belle Amante » voile to achieve this totally natural, artisan pigmentation.   Run your fingers over the back of the fabric: the cotton warp has undergone further chemical treatment to achieve this cashmere effect.  This cotton warp intersects with one thicker woven yarns of chenille and linen; and one viscose yarn.   On its surface, an ultimate laminated layer of gold, purple or silver, depending on the original background color, has been subtly deposited to produce incredibly refined voile.

M142 – Swing Swing

« Swing Swing » is a pinned cut velvet jacquard, which adds thickness to a soft, textured feel. In the warp, a fine metal yarn of gold or silver color crisscrosses with a plain viscose yarn for an effect that is at once luminous, and gives the appearance of being unstitched.

M143 – Aux folies bergère

Beautifully refined, « Aux Folies Bergeres » is Mohair velvet with a uniform and glossy pile free from any impurities, as this is the characteristic of Angora goat hair. With its high Martindale rub test score, it is ideal for intensive use.

M144 – Zèbre de Burchell

Our « Burchell’s zebra» the flagship pattern of the collection, available in three exceptional colorways, is a cotton velvet with a close pile, for which the technique of digital printing enabled us to obtain this superb color vibrancy: combinations of pale yellow, blue frost and anthracite for the first, shades of burnt Sienna and bronze for the second, or shades of blue Misia and blue night for the third.

M145 – Daman des roches

« Daman des Roches » or (Rock hyrax) is an Alpaca Suri yarn dyed plaid. The fabric received a work of dye of brushing to highlight the fibers and give the aspect of a fur. The palette is harmonious, with soft colors, of grey and blue Misia for the first colorways, and burnt Siena for the second.





M125 – Music-Hall

“Music Hall” is the mural replica of the fabric version ‘Les Bijoux de Mistinguett’ from the 2014 Misia fabric collection ‘Paris Festive’.  It is produced on a base of Mylar, a thin sheet of silver metal, to obtain a subtle satiny and glossy effect in the background. The technique of digital printing is then the source of this wide design, and the rich range of colors on show. M149 – Safari

Produced on a Mylar base, a thin sheet of silver metal, to achieve a subtle satin effect, the technique of digital printing has then made it possible to achieve a very realistic reproduction of a series of vintage photographs, which recall the world of African safaris in the 1920s.

M150 – Twenties

Produced on a Mylar base, a thin sheet of silver metal, to achieve this subtle satin effect, the technique of digital printing has then made it possible to achieve a very realistic reproduction of a series of vintage photographs, which recall the effervescence, boldness and cultivated glamour in the 1920s.

M102 – Clinquante Coupole

The ”Clinquante Coupole” (meaning « Glitzy Cupola ») is the wallcovering version of its counterpart fabric, « Rêve de Rotonde ». In this polyamide jacquard with geometric design, the weaving technique reveals a rich contrast between sheen and matt: the transverse matt jacquard yarns create a 3D effect on the smooth satin background

 M115 – Ernest’s Dream

”Ernest’s Dream” is woven in the warp with a natural cotton yarn and a raffia polyamide thread in the weft which gives it its exotic resonance and subtle gloss effect. The final phase gives this wall covering a slightly textured effect, to bring out the foliage pattern.

 M148 – Reflets de Seine

Available in five plain colorways, « Reflets de Seine » is a digital printing on a Mylar base. This base is made up of two non-wovens between which a thin silver sheet is placed, for a wall covering with multiple iridescent tints.

M151 – Mahale

On a metal pigmented base, a raphia like weave gives « Mahale » its exotic resonance and its make it appears to be unstitched. The exclusively polyester yarn, gives this subtle iridescent effect on the surface, and interplays of resonance with the silver metal background. Finally, a sublimation transfer  » gives the product its final color: ‘Mahale’ is available in 7 plain colors.

M152 – Royal Guépard

On a non-woven imitation textile base, a digital transfer printing reproduces its emblematic mottled coat on « Royal Guépard ». Then, on its surface, a champagne colored wax gives it this textured grid. ‘Royal Guépard’ is available in just one exclusive color.

M154 – Empreintes Swahili

“Empreinte Swahili” is the wall replica of the ‘Swahili’ the fabric version. On an unwoven base, an overlay of puffing ink (called « puff ») delineates the printed pattern, exactly like on the velvet ‘Swahili. To obtain this metallic effect, a thin sheet of colored metal (called « foil ») is deposited on the surface, melting into the ink: it is a copper shade for to the carbon colorway, and a silver shade for the ivory colorway.

M158 – Les rues de Zanzibar

“Les rues de Zanzibar” is the wall replica of the fabric version “L’île aux Epices”. On a metal pigmented base, a raffia weave, using only polyester yarn, gives ‘Rues de Zanzibar’ its  exotic resonance and his subtle iridescent effect. A sublimation transfer  » transferring digital color under intense heat) gives the product its final color: Burnt Sienna or Blue Misia, depending on the fabric version.  A lamination of copper or tin has been applied to the wall version.