• our philosophy

    « Our desire is to re-enchant the world and at the same time, re-enchant you. For you, we are not only creating a fabulous visual, emotional and tactile world: we are creating a world-story ».

    Florence Vermelle,
    Artistic Director

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  • Brand

    Misia is a glittering brand, a brand of charm.
    Intent on rediscovering the freedom, audacity and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, it taps into and captures the spirit of this crazy decade, then gives it a thoroughly-modern makeover.

    In doing so, Misia plays with codes of luxury. At once iconoclastic and classic in its approach, it gleans and revamps the glamour of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Innovative and daring.

  • experience

    Misia is a highly experiential brand.
    Each of its trips, each of its escapades, each of its collections is the product and essence of an artistic, emotional, sensory experience … rich anecdotes and fragments of stories and dreams, Misia fabrics are much more than a single delight  for the eye, or a pleasure to the touch: they enchant multiple senses.

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  • our muse

    Misia, is the story of a woman, our icon, our muse: Madame M, the M of Misia. She lives, loves, dreams and creates in today’s world; she haunts fashionable places; goes wherever the brand flies to ; leaves her mark; and a waft of perfume in her wake.

    She writes novels in which she is the heroine: The romantic novels of Madame M; she imagines herself living in the Twenties, that avant-garde decade, and delights in enjoying a passionate, ultra-modern lifestyle.


Misia is member of the Casamance group. With over forty years of experience, and an influence that is now international, the group has established itself as a major player in the manufacture and retail of fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings; providing a new vision of French interior decoration and elegance.

As the Group’s newest brand, Misia benefits as much from the Group’s unique expertise in preparing the materials and textures and creating new ideas as its innovative manufacturing processes.

  • Studio

    Our design studio comprises a team of passionate individuals who place all their sensitivity, desire for perfection, experience and commitment at the disposal of this brand. Their aim is to develop collections that re-enchant the world of interior decoration every day.

  • our partners

    Our brand pays special attention to the source of its materials, and the production methods for its fabrics. In our desire to establish a tradition of excellence, we have taken the utmost care in selecting the best weavers in Europe.
    Also, by choosing to work with partners from India, the brand has sought to honour and support one of this country’s most ancient skills: producing precious silks.

  • Quality Requirement

    Our products are inspected with the utmost care, and our manufacturing processes follow the standards of high quality set by the brand.
    Faithful to French manufacturing traditions and codes of refinement, our approach, which focusses on research, diversity and confrontation, aims to offer each year, products that are in step with their time, by using new innovative techniques in textiles, furnishings and wall coverings.

  • your project

    For a minimum order quantity, we are able to meet your specific requirements in terms of medium, treatment, patterns, colours, and other finishes.
    Our professional teams, located in the biggest cities around the world, are at your disposal; ready to provide you with a personal touch and help you customise your project. Contact us !