From city to city, MISIA PARIS unveils a collection notable for its desire for adventure. Through the window, cities like Paris, Venice, Vienna, Budapest come and go…. the road to the east unveils its wonders, like the palaces which line it. In the hushed and private ambiance of the “Promesse d’Ailleurs” collection, small Art Deco motifs compete with large oriental-inspired designs. The uncut and marbled velvets converse with bouclettes woven with Alpaca wool. Gold and metallic yarns make a discrete entrance to embellish some of the fabrics. Colorful weaves and sophisticated textures take their place to give the collection depth and character.

The most luxurious colors combine, without limitation, Copper and Peacock Blue, Bronze and Imperial Green, Carbon, Ivory and Gold, without ever forgetting Misia Blue, the signature color. A modern adventure in shades of the most famous of trains, the Orient Express. A journey from yesteryear into the lands of tomorrow.